Women's Ministry

Who We Are

Women’s fellowship is known as Daughters of Zion. This ministry brings all the women together periodically to fellowship in an informal setting.


What We Do

  • We cater for the needs of Living Spring Centre Women and strive to help the women settle and be integrated in church to ensure no one is left out.
  • We encourage women to live daily by the word of God in our capacity as wives, mothers, mentors, sisters, daughters, and all other roles we play.
  • We encourage women to participate in the activities of the church by utilizing the gifts and talents that God has given us.

Our Vision

We have a four-fold vision, which is in line with the church’s vision.

  • Excellence – As Women of purpose, we want to excel in all that God has called us to do, both in the ministry and also in the secular.
  • Equipping – We shall equip ourselves by the Word of God, organise/attend conferences, seminars, workshop and walkthroughs that will equip us for the tasks ahead.
  • Expansion – As a fellowship and an integral part of the church, we believe that we shall continue to grow in size, in our commitment and our faithfulness to the kingdom business that the Lord has committed to us.
  • Evangelism – As a fellowship we shall indeed be like the Woman at the well of Jacob in John chapter 4, that went out and told others about Christ. All members of the fellowship are encouraged to invite others to church and to be involved in church evangelism.